Cherubini Starts Work on “The Big Lift” of the Macdonald Bridge

August 20, 2014 1:27 pm

Halifax, NS – Dartmouth-based Cherubini Metal Works has started the first phase of their fabrication work for Halifax Harbour Bridges’s 2015 project “The Big Lift” that will completely replace the Macdonald Bridge’s road deck, floor beams, stiffening trusses, and suspender ropes.

Cherubini Metal Works is responsible for fabricating the giant 150 tonne road deck panels that American Bridge Canada, the project’s prime contractor, will use to replace the existing infrastructure. Once the project is complete, the only original components of the bridge will be the two towers, the main cables, the cable bents and the anchorages. This will mark only the second time ever that the spans of a suspension bridge will be replaced overnight with traffic operating during the day.

“We’ve begun testing and sampling for the preliminary design and production work for the steel panels. This preparation phase will see us establish procedures and gear up with the appropriate tools and equipment,” says Steve Ross, General Manager of Cherubini Metal Works. “We’ll begin producing the panels this December, with the first panel projected to leave the shop in Spring 2015.”

Cherubini’s production facilities, which total over 200,000 sq. ft., are located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and house advanced computer numerically controlled (CNC) fabrication equipment. Both Burnside and Woodside locations will contribute to the project, with Cherubini’s Burnside operation constructing the smaller panel components and the Woodside operation assembling these parts to create larger pieces of the bridge that American Bridge Canada will install. The Big Lift project is projected to be complete by Fall 2016.

“We did the fabrication work for the Macdonald Bridge third lane project in 1999, and we look forward to being involved in this even larger project,” says Ross. “We’re proud to be an Atlantic Canadian company contributing structural steel expertise to prominent bridge projects throughout the region, including the 2010 MacKay Bridge expansion joint upgrade and the construction of the Confederation Bridge linking New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.”

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New Fabrication Facility Opened!

November 14, 2013 10:31 am

In late spring of 2013, the doors of our new 100,000 sqft fabrication facility opened to the excitement of our team of employees. Boasting new CNC machinery,  20,000 sqft of office space and 16 acres of storage/assemly area, this newly opened facility will allow Cherubini to continue to provide quality products and solutions to our customers.


Cherubini Awarded Ductwork Contract

May 15, 2012 4:56 pm

Cherubini has been awarded a contract to fabricate and supply modular ductwork sections in the range of about 2,000 tons. Riley Power, a division of Babcock Power out of Worchester, Massachusetts awarded Cherubini the work which will start in the Spring of 2012 and run until the summer of 2013.

New Fabrication Plant in 2012

April 1, 2012 4:57 pm

After several delays, Cherubini Metal Works will be breaking ground on their new facility in the spring of 2012. Originally planned to be built across from Cherubini’s Eastern Passage facility, a new location has been found in the new portion of the Burnside Industrial Park on Wilkinson Ave. Photos will be updated periodically as the new 120,000 square foot facility takes shape.

Please click here to read an article on the upcoming expansion.