Industrial Painter

Quality Blasting & Coating Limited, an Industrial Paint Shop and a member of the Cherubini Group of Companies, is currently looking for a full-time permanent Industrial Painter in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Reports To: Supervisor


The Industrial Painter is responsible for tending to and operating machines that spray/coat products with paint, and machines that bring a required finish to the product. Responsibilities will include: identifying potential safety hazards, selecting or mixing the appropriate paint, and reading and interpreting blueprints. In the course of his/her duties, the Industrial Painter will inspect surfaces for contamination prior to coating and identify and employ methods that will reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals from the paint. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Core Competencies

  • Accountability and Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Problem Solving
  • Results Oriented

Job Duties

  • Select appropriate paint or mix paints using automated paint mixing equipment according to a pre-determined formula
  • Operate or tend equipment to clean, wash, strip, sand, remove corrosion, fill d221ents or otherwise prepare items for application of paint, lacquer or other protective or decorative coatings
  • Operate or tend automated spray paint, dip or flow coating equipment or other mechanized painting or product coating application equipment
  • Operate hand-held spray guns to spray paint or coat stationary items or items on moving conveyor system with protective or decorative coatings
  • Paint small items and apply touch-ups using paint brushes
  • Clean and maintain painting and coating, ventilation, compressed air and personal protective equipment
  • May prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals or other decorative items on finished products.
  • Prepare and mix metallizing solutions according to formulas or specifications
  • Operate or tend equipment to clean, degrease, pickle and etch metal and non-metal surfaces to prepare workpieces with desired surface characteristics
  • Tend automatic metal coating machines which convey objects through a series of cleaning, rinsing and plating solutions
  • Operate and control electroplating equipment to coat metal and other workpieces
  • Operate hot-dip metal plating equipment to galvanize metal and other workpieces
  • Operate spray equipment to build up worn or damaged parts or to bond protective or decorative coatings on various objects
  • Check proper thickness of plating using micrometers, calipers or other devices
  • May operate equipment to polish metallic surfaces of products
  • May tend ovens which cure metal coating.


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working as an industrial painter
  • Completion of secondary school education
  • Experience using a spray gun.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Able to effectively communicate
  • Must be able to carry and move equipment and/or supplies up to 50lbs
  • Must be able to distinguish colors.

Work Conditions

  • Safety equipment will be required, e.g. steel-toed safety boots
  • Employee may be exposed to dust, hazardous chemicals and high levels of noise.
  • Employee may be exposed to uncomfortable work settings; may have long combinations of standing, crouching, or sitting.
  • Repetitive tasks within a fast-paced environment.
  • Overtime as required.
  • Hazards associated with the trade