Industrial Sandblaster

Industrial Sandblaster


The Blaster will be responsible for preparing parts and assemblies by shot blasting & painting to stage for finishing product, meeting defined production standards, schedules and quality requirements. To work with Blast, Paint systems and various tools for the completion of product to engineering specifications. Work on special projects as required to achieve company’s goal.

Job Duties

  • Determines strength and pattern of blast required and charges and detonates explosives in surface or underground mine, pit, or quarry to fracture or separate stone or minerals from solid formations: Studies formation to determine amount, type, and location of explosive charge required.
  • To work with Blast, Paint systems and various tools for the completion of product to engineering specifications.
  • Inserts, packs, or pours explosives, such as dynamite, ammonium nitrate, black powder, or slurries into blast holes and compacts charge, using tamping rod.
  • Support the Quality Assurance department with respect to Quality assurance evaluation of painted products.
  • Positions assembled primer and blasting cap in hole at depth that will cause most effective explosion.
  • Connects electric wire to primer and covers charge or fills blast hole with clay, drill chips, sand, or other material.
  • Tamps material to secure charge and prevent force of blast from escaping through blast hole.
  • Inspects blasting area to ensure that safety laws are observed and signals workers to clear area.
  • Connects wires to electrical firing device and pushes plunger, turns dial, or presses buttons to set off single or multiple blasts.
  • May compile record of blasts.
  • May keep inventory of blasting agents on hand.


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in an industrial production blasting and painting
  • Minimum grade 12 or Equivalent.
  • Strong communication and problem solving skills
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Able to create alternative solutions to problems
  • Highly flexible, with solid interpersonal skills that allow one to work effectively in a diverse working environment
  • Able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Strong attention to detail

Work Conditions

  • 24/7 availability may be required
  • Physical ability to lift up to 50lb
  • Travel to the site, and off-site locations may be required
  • Safety equipment will be required, e.g. steel-toed safety boots
  • Overtime as required
  • Hazards associated with the trade
  • Work both indoors and outdoors
  • Will be exposed to construction sites

Please note: Cherubini is committed to the health and safety of our people. We have implemented various safety measures, including a mandatory proof of COVID Immunization Policy. As per the policy, Cherubini requires all employees to be fully vaccinated by January 3rd, 2022. Cherubini will provide reasonable accommodation if candidates can present a medical or religious exemption recognized by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.